This Seasons Color Choice

Lake Powell

We chose Lake Powell as our inspiration for our summer color scheme because it is one of our favorite outdoor adventures to go on. Going on a boat and tubing or surfing through the most beautiful landscapes you'll ever see is one of the most amazing pastimes. 

The gorgeous color of the red-orange rocks next to the clear blue water was exactly what we wanted to represent our summer season this year. 

The photos shown are from our previous trip and it was even more beautiful in person if you can believe that. Going to Lake Powell is a must for every person. even if you don't like the outdoors you will love it there.

Lake Powell is currently suffering because of the drought in Utah and Arizona. The water levels have severely depleted and only one area is open to let your boat in. 

We want to bring awareness to this drought. Please be careful with your water usage if you are in this area, and once we make it through this we hope that you'll go explore the gorgeous Lake Powell.