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Albion Basin Wildflower Festival

The Wildflower Festival is gorgeous everywhere in the Albion Basin. During late June and Early July flowers bloom across the basin. It is full of life and color and it can't help but make you feel like you've stepped into some sort of wonderland.

The entire scene seems to have a new breath of life. The world around you looks like it changed into a fairyland in only days.

Our family loves to visit the wildflowers. One spot we went to this summer was Lake Solitude. It was beautiful to see the flowers surrounding the lake. The world came to life around us and it was wonderful to see all of it. There were little chipmunks and squirrels that would go on the path. They were adorable and we loved seeing them.

Another place that we always go to see the wildflowers is Alta Ski Resort. If you go up you can drive straight up to the flowers for only $10. Once you get up there you are able to see beautiful flowers all down the hills. It is such a fun photo spot. We had so much fun taking pictures with the flowers around us. We even got our family pictures done!

If you go to see the wildflowers I really hope you enjoy it. It is absolutely beautiful. Please just don't pick the flowers and try not to step on any of them and stay on the path as much as possible and be careful when going off. Happy questing!

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