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Boating at Lake Powell

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. The clear blue water is surrounded by rust colored rocks. You start off in the harbor, but once you're in the water you are able to go and explore little coves all around the lake.

We were able to surf and tube. It was so fun to watch our family surf. We went with our friends to Powell and it was just so fun spending time together. We would just cruise around the lake and find places to explore and swim. Definitely wear a life jacket when you're getting out of the boat, but when we were just chilling we often took them off and ate food and laughed.

At one point we got off the boat and went to climb on rocks. At one point we climbed up high so we could jump off a cliff into the water. We swam around finding little caves that we would be able to hide in. There were just so many beautiful places.

All of the scenery was just absolutely beautiful. Being there felt like being alive. It was absolutely perfect. It was like being in heaven. It was just like being free again. It was everything that we could've wanted in a trip.

I can honestly say that Lake Powell is one of my favorite places I have ever been. It may be a manmade lake, but it has grown to have it's own ecosystem that is an amazing experience for anyone who goes to see it.

Lake Powell should definitely be a place everyone goes at least once in their lives.

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