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Fall Drive

This weekend we went for a drive to see the leaves changing color. It was absolutely beautiful. The red leaves were so vibrant this year it made everything look so alive. And the bright green leaves next to the yellow made up a breathtaking view.

Driving up the canyon was just so beautiful. The traffic made it easier to get amazing pictures, and videos (which can be found on our Instagram and TikTok). Everything was finally falling asleep and you could see the bright green of summer moving into the calm of fall. I highly recommend going to see the leaves change as soon as you can. In Utah it is absolutely amazing.

A calm drive looking at nature, breathing in the fresh air, and being with family is a perfect afternoon. I hope these pictures give you inspiration and that they help you get outside. Share your adventures with us on our email ( or our Instagram (@trailheadeng). We would love to hear from you. Now go forth and quest!

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