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About a month ago our family finally made it out to Portland. We had so much fun! We went on so many different adventures, in the course of 3 days. This article will be set up a little differently. For this adventure we’re going to go day by day with photos from each day.

At the beginning of our first day the majority of our day was spent driving. We did stop in a couple of gorgeous places though. We saw so many absolutely beautiful trees and a really gorgeous bridge. We also went to an amazing waterfall that was absolutely gorgeous. They were called Multnomah Falls. We saw them from a couple different spots and no matter where we were they were so beautiful. The mist off of the waterfall reminded us that we were alive. After that we arrived at our family’s house kind of late. We got to our families house, and spent some time settling in. Then me, Ruby, our dad, and our cousin Kalli went on a little adventure down by the cutest little bridge. We did a little photoshoot and got some very cute pictures. After that we had dinner at our cousin's house and had a quiet night inside.

Photos from this day are below.

Our second day in Portland was a busy day. We started our day by going downtown to see the largest independent bookstore in the United States. It’s called Powell Books. The bookstore was so large that they gave us a map to find our way around. As someone who is a huge book nerd, I was in heaven. We stayed there for a while to explore. After that we walked to Voodoo Donuts and we got some really yummy donuts. Once we spent some time in the city we left and went to go on a little hike called the Witch's House. It was beautiful scenery while driving and while hiking. The trail wasn’t difficult and at one point we got to go across the cutest bridge. We got to the little house and that’s where we ate our lunch. Sadly people have graffitied the old building, so it’s not in its original condition. After we finished that hike, we drove to see the Pittock Mansion. It was absolutely amazing. It looked like a mansion straight out of a movie. After we walked around for a bit, we drove back to my cousin’s house. For dinner that night we went to this super fun little place where they had a bunch of food trucks. We all got different kinds of food and sat and ate. The food was all amazing. After we ate we went back home and went to sleep.

Photos from Day 2 below.

Our third day was jam packed full of adventures. We woke up early and got ready to drive down to the coast. We drove for a long time, but the misty landscape was almost like a magical forest from a fantasy novel. It was beautiful to follow the landscape. Our first stop of the day was the Tillamook factory. It was super fun going on the tour of the factory. We had some of the best Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese I have ever tasted. We also had amazing ice cream. After we finished there we drove for a while to see a lighthouse and the Octopus Tree. The tree was so cool! It grew with really cool “tentacles” and was beautiful. After we finished there we went and drove through a little town and stopped to go see the beach. It was beautiful and calming and perfect. After that we went to a little town with the cutest shops. There was a little main street lined with a huge variety of shops. We went down to the beach that was next to the town, and a portion of the people in our group decided to get wet in the water. After we finished there we drove home and then we packed up and watched a movie. We finished our trip with a calm night with family.

The trip to Portland was so fun. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite trips I’ve been on. We got to see beautiful scenery and see our family that we have been missing. A trip to Portland is highly recommended from Trailhead. We all had an amazing time. It’s perfect for family vacations and you can find any kind of adventure for everyone to enjoy.

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