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St. George Adventures!

Hey trail buddies!

This week I went to St. George. It was very fun. We didn't stay very long, but it was super fun.

The first day we were there we went on this awesome hike called the Aspiration trail. People paint rocks and leave them all along the trail so the entire trail is decorated. We brought rocks that we painted and left them there. On the trail you might see our caterpillar that we made of rocks. Her name is Felicia. There is a yellow butterfly rock next to her so if you see it send us a picture!

My buddie Ruby and I kept going on the trail until we got to the very top by the flag. Our other friends stopped earlier, but it was super worth it to keep going.

The next day we went on historical tours of Brigham Youngs Winter home and the Tabernacle. They were both very pretty and it was really cool to step back into history. The architecture was very beautiful and you could see the care that they put into all of their buildings.

After that we went to a park right next to the tabernacle to eat lunch. I met some other frogs while we were there. It was super fun! I loved it! There was water to play in and it even had a little waterfall. We sat in the shade on benches and enjoyed lunch.

Overall the entire trip was very fun! I loved getting to go down to Southern Utah. St. George is such a fun trip! I hope you all get the chance to go.

Bye Buddies!


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