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Denver Weekend

This weekend I went to Denver with my friend and her family to see a concert. Before we went to the concert we decided to explore the city. In the morning we went to Rush Bowls for our breakfast. After we ate we went and walked across some bridges and went to a beautiful park. I only have pictures from the bridge, but trust me the park was gorgeous.

After that we went and walked around a couple different areas to see the murals. We saw many different paintings in different styles, with different colors, and different materials. It was so interesting to see the different ways that people see the world. Art is beautiful and seeing it in the world is so fun.

I highly recommend going to Denver. Just spending time in your hotel room watching movies and eating Panda Express. That was another fun part of the trip. You can just find different places to see and hang out. If you ever go to Denver we hope that you enjoy the city every bit as much as we did.

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