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White Water River Rafting in Montana

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Staying in Big Sky Montana was such a wonderful experience. It was gorgeous outside no matter where we were. When we were looking to book our trip we used the Stay Montana Company. They made it really easy to find an awesome place to stay and fun things to do. Their link is down below.

Big Sky Montana is like a scene out of a book. There are lush forests all around you and mountains surrounding you. When driving to the basecamp for the rafting adventure the Gallatin river is next to you and you can see the clear water with rapids within them. The drive makes your anticipation for the rafting journey rise.

Once you get to the basecamp you get a wetsuit, jacket, and rafting shoes to keep you warm in the freezing water. Once you're all dressed up you get your lifejacket and your helmet to keep you safe through the rapids. During the drive up to the starting point on the river you may feel hot in all your gear, but you'll also be excited seeing the river that you're going to raft.

Once you get to the beginning of your journey you are instructed with all your safety measures. Then you are introduced to your guide, and they will bring you to your raft and then you get into the river.

Being on the raft with cold water around you and beautiful landscapes just brings smiles all around. Our family had one kid in the front that was able to be showered in freezing water. We switched seats around with the kids so that we could all enjoy the different areas of the raft.

When we got into the rapids there was lots of laughter and some screaming from the younger children. It was all around just a beautiful happy experience. It of course tired us all out, but it was very worth it.

The photos shown were taken by their professional photographer that followed us down the river. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I would recommend this to anyone. This was the most fun experiences I've had with my family and would highly recommend it for any family bonding. We loved the company that put it all together and we highly recommend you check them out. Their link is down below.

Later on in the day we went and got great Mexican food from a little bus and on our way we found a huge farmers market. We found out that this particular farmers market is put on once a week over the summer. It put the entire experience over the top.

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